Share Your Story: How Has 1 Year Of Transgender Equality Impacted You?
September 26, 2017

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October 1st marks the official 1-year anniversary of #TransLawMA going into effect, which explicitly protects transgender people from discrimination under state law in public places like restaurants, parks and hospitals.

Over the last year, so many lives have changed for the better. Transgender Bay Staters can go out to dinner or a movie without constantly worrying that they’ll be targeted for harassment because they’re transgender—and if they are, Massachusetts’ law is on their side.

Transgender people say they feel safer and more welcome in their communities now that these protections are in place. We’ve also heard stories from allies who are so proud of our state, and so glad their friends are protected.

Since the 1-year anniversary of #TransLawMA is coming up, we’re wondering if you’ll celebrate with us by sharing your story. Click here to share how #TransLawMA has changed your life and someone from Freedom for All Massachusetts will be in touch.

We hope you’ll take a moment this weekend to celebrate what our movement achieved last year, and the brighter future that all transgender Bay Staters have because of it. And we hope that celebration includes sharing your story. You don’t have to be transgender to share—you just have to be a proud supporter of #TransLawMA.

But we also hope you’ll take a moment to plan for the future—because right now, #TransLawMA is under threat. A 2018 ballot initiative could repeal these important protections, and as this historic victory is threatened, we need your help to build and strengthen the movement we need to keep Massachusetts fair.

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