SEIU 1199 Offers Historic Campaign Donation Match
February 22, 2018

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It’s hard to believe that the repeal of protections for transgender people could happen in our beloved Commonwealth; but that’s exactly what everyone said about Proposition 8 in California—which in 2008, stunned the nation by becoming the first ballot initiative to repeal an existing marriage equality law.

In the movement for transgender equality, our fight in Massachusetts this November is the Proposition 8 of our time—and WE are the campaign that will stop it.

In the spirit of generosity, until the end of February, our friends at 1199 SEIU are doubling every single donation to defend transgender equality at the ballot this November, up to $15,000!

The national anti-LGBT movement is hellbent on making Massachusetts *the* national example. If they can repeal non-discrimination laws protecting transgender people here—they think they can win anywhere.

With the dignity of transgender people in MA at stake, we can’t simply rest on hope and optimism to carry us to victory. Transgender people in MA—and across the country—are counting on us to run a sophisticated, unparalleled grassroots campaign. And we have to raise the resources required to put that winning campaign into motion.

1199 SEIU has been such a generous supporter of our campaign— please chip in now, help us hit our $15,000 goal and watch your donation double on the spot.

The stakes are high—but our level of determination is even higher.

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