President Trump Makes Official Move to Ban Transgender People from Serving in The US Military
August 26, 2017

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President Trump’s proposed ban on transgender service members is no longer just a series of impromptu tweets—it’s official Pentagon policy.

Yesterday, the President signed an order declaring that transgender Americans will be prohibited from serving in the U.S. military.

We’re really angry about this, and we know you are too.

But in these trying times, being angry isn’t enough. Not when the attacks on transgender people are multiplying every day. And not when a 2018 ballot initiative in Massachusetts would completely wipe away our state’s non-discrimination law protecting transgender people from discrimination in public spaces.

If you’re angry, then do something about it: Fight back today with a $5 donation to defeat this horrible, anti-transgender ballot initiative in Massachusetts.

Each day, the horrors of our opponents’ ruthless agenda become more evident. From the White House to here in Massachusetts, they will not stop until they have wiped away every single protection we’ve secured to keep transgender people safe.

They’re attacking us on all fronts because they’re determined to bring us down. With enough horrible atrocities, they figure, our movement will wear out—and by the time November 2018 rolls around, we won’t be ready to fight back in Massachusetts.

Remember: This is about so much more than the military. It’s even about more than Massachusetts. Our opponents are determined to marginalize transgender people from participating in public life—everywhere. Massachusetts has the opportunity to say, “Not on our watch.”

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