Emerson and Wheaton Colleges Join Our Coalition to Protect #TransLawMA
February 28, 2018

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Today, Emerson and Wheaton, two of the most notable colleges in the Bay State joined on as higher education supporters of our campaign to defend #TransLawMA in Massachusetts this November,

Both Emerson College and Wheaton College join a list of 12 other colleges and universities that have signed our pledge against the repeal of non-discrimination protections for transgender people across the state. Included on the list already are such prestigious institutions as Harvard University, Tufts University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

College campuses have taken an active role in our campaign’s effort to speak to thousands of voters across Massachusetts. Every week, students on campuses across the state are phone banking—having important conversations with people across the state about the need to protect the rights of transgender people.

Colleges and universities are signing on to our campaign because they understand the importance of treating everyone fairly and equally—and know that for Massachusetts to compete in attracting and retaining the brightest minds to our Commonwealth, our welcome mat must be out for everyone.

Upon Harvard’s signing on, Paul Andrew, Vice President for Public Affairs and Communication, offered the following statement:

“As an educational institution and employer, we have taken great care to ensure that operational steps and internal procedures allow all members of the Harvard community to learn and work at a campus that fosters equality and inclusion. Recognizing that transgender members of our community do not necessarily benefit from these same accommodations outside of Harvard’s campus, we support the pending legislative effort to provide similar protections across the Commonwealth.”

Freedom For All Massachusetts thanks Emerson and Wheaton Colleges for standing with us to affirm that non-discrimination is a Massachusetts value, and we must protect #TransLawMA this November. To see all the higher education institutions who have joined our coalition, click here.

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