Disgusting: Opponents of #TransLawMA Are Falsely Equating Transgender People with Harvey Weinstein
October 25, 2017

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Protecting our transgender neighbors and friends from discrimination in Massachusetts is a lot like… Harvey Weinstein’s history of sexual assault and violence against women?!

That’s the ludicrous claim opponents of transgender equality just made in their efforts to overturn #TransLawMA. At a time in which we should all be supporting survivors and committing to take action to stop sexual violence, our opponents are busy pushing nasty lies to score cheap political points—at the expense of people who have suffered trauma.

It’s disgusting. But trust me: This is only the beginning. Our opponents will slander transgender people every single day until Election Day 2018. They don’t care what’s true or who they harm—so long as they can bring discrimination back to Massachusetts.

Our opponents try to claim they care about the safety of women. Yet when women come forward with the courage to share their stories of harassment and assault—our opponents’ response is to point to an unrelated law that simply protects transgender people and has shown no uptick in public safety concerns.

They aren’t obsessed with repealing #TransLawMA because they deeply care about women’s safety. Anti-transgender forces in MA care about one thing and one thing only: Legalizing discrimination against transgender people across our Commonwealth.

A screenshot from the opposition campaign’s newsletter.

Under Massachusetts law, it’s already illegal to enter a restroom to harm or harass someone. That’s why leading law enforcement officials and safety advocates like Jane Doe, The Massachusetts Coalition Against Sexual Assaults and Domestic Violence—who are doing the actual work to fight back against sexual assault—have already joined our campaign to defend #TransLawMA in 2018 because they know discriminating against transgender people won’t make anyone safer.

When our opponents push these horrific lies, they need to know we WILL fight back. Pitch in NOW to ensure we have the resources to fight back.

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