Voices of Massachusetts

Discrimination is wrong—period. That’s why a growing chorus of Bay Staters are speaking out in support of protecting transgender people from discrimination in the places we all are when we’re not at home, work or school. Transgender people and their families are joining with Democrats, Republicans, leading businesses and faith leaders to make the case that discrimination has no place in Massachusetts. Read their stories below.

Transgender Middleboro Vet Shares Journey, Advocates Acceptance Emma Morgaine Croft • Middleboro
Educator Says Transgender Children Need Protection from Discrimination to Thrive Sabrina Renaud • Reading
Transgender Woman’s Safety, Security Rely on Upholding #TransLawMA in 2018 Leea Pronovost • Greenfield
Transgender Marine Says Military Ban, Repealing #TransLawMA Are Efforts to Publicly Erase Transgender People Nycii • Western Massachusetts
Transgender Air Force Veteran Describes Military Ban As A “Target on [Her] Back” Rebecca McDonald
“It’s about protecting LGBTQ students in the classroom, and helping every student learn.” Ethan Walker Smith • Ed.M. Candidate ‘17, HGSE
“We cannot rest. Unfortunately, rights won can be taken away.” George & Quinn
“I wanted my son to grow up in a community where all people are respected.” Robbie Samuels & His Son, Grant • Boston
“Before Ella was born, I thought I knew everything, but boy I knew nothing.”
“Colby has as much right to exist in public spaces as his cisgender brother.” Kitty Flynn & Her Son, Colby • Melrose
“I want him to be ensured the same legal protections that everyone else in our family has.” Beryl Domingo & Her Son, Micah • Bridgewater
“I struggle every day with will he be safe in the world, will he be protected?” Lauren Leahy & Her Son, Alex • Sherborn
“I feel more confident going out—and if I have issues, I will be able to stand up for myself.” Sarah Stowe • Plymouth
“I am here to pave the road for equality for my child and for all other transgender people of all ages” Jeanne Talbot • Graton
“Every day, I live my life in fear. I’m scared.” Brandon Adams • Framingham, MA
“The law would have provided the direction our leadership needed.” Michelle H. • Westborough, MA
“A conservative community can elect me, but I can legally be denied service” Jackie Ryan • Sturbridge
“No one should have to live in fear” Janice Josephine Carney • Beverly
“Countless ways in which people are made in God’s image” Rabbi Victor Reinstein • Jamaica Plain
“We’re not asking for anything special” Kaden Mohamed • Allston
“As parents, it’s our job to ensure our kids’ health and happiness” Joe & Mimi Lemay • Boston
“Supporting my country and protecting my community” Alishia Ouelette • Peabody