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On October 6, 2015, dozens of Massachusetts residents spoke out in support of full transgender protections at a public hearing at the MA Statehouse. The speakers who testified included transgender Bay Staters and their families, elected officials, business leaders, school administrators, public safety officials, women’s rights advocates, civil rights leaders and people of faith. Watch their testimony in the videos below:

Mother of Two Transgender Children Shares Story of Anti-LGBT Discrimination in MA

As a mother, there's nothing more important to Maureen than ensuring her children are protected. That's why she's calling on lawmakers to pass legislation fully protecting transgender Bay Staters—including her two children—from discrimination in public spaces!

Transgender Teenager in Massachusetts: Pass Full Protections in MA!

14-year-old Brandon Adams has a simple message for Massachusetts lawmakers: "I just want to be protected like any other 14-year-old." Watch as he urges members of the Joint Committee on the Judiciary to pass #TransBillMA.

Chastity Bowick Discusses Discrimination She Has Faced as a Transgender Woman in MA

As a transgender woman, Chastity Bowick knows discrimination firsthand. And without explicit protections for transgender people in public spaces, even a simple visit to a restaurant or a doctor's office could put her at risk. Watch her testimony before the Joint Committee on the Judiciary.

Mother of A Transgender Child Calls for Full Non-Discrimination Protections in MA

It's time for full protections for all transgender Bay Staters! That's what Jeanne Talbot said in her testimony before the Massachusetts Joint Committee on the Judiciary. Watch her testimony and take action to help end gender identity discrimination in the Commonwealth.