Governor Baker Doubles Down on Support For #TransLawMA
November 21, 2017

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This week, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker further affirmed his support for #TransLawMA, and committed to working to defeat it at the ballot in 2018.

In an interview with Boston Public Radio, Baker was asked by a caller if he had any comment on the 2018 ballot measure to repeal MA’s non-discrimination law protecting transgender people from discrimination in public spaces like restaurants, retail stores and hospitals; they also asked if the Governor had words of reassurance for MA’s transgender population. In response, Governor Baker wasted no time in affirming his strong support for our Commonwealth’s transgender-inclusive non-discrimination law:

“What I can tell you is we supported and signed the legislation here in Massachusetts to ensure that people wouldn’t be discriminated against based on their gender identification.” He further emphasized that his administration had been working with advocates at state and local levels to help push back against the repeal efforts.

“We’ve made very clear that there is no room for this sort of behavior in Massachusetts. Whether it’s working with our colleagues in local government, our colleagues in the legislature, or our colleagues in the community, we’ve made clear over and over again that there’s no place for discrimination of any kind.”

When asked directly about his support (or lack thereof) regarding the ballot measure, Baker said firmly, “I don’t support the question that’s going to the ballot in the fall, and expect that I and others will make sure it’s defeated.”

Governor Baker, a Republican, signed the landmark transgender non-discrimination bill into law in July 2016. However, shortly after the law went into effect in October, opponents announced they had gathered the minimum number of signatures to place the repeal of the law on the ballot for the 2018 election.

Freedom for All Massachusetts is proud to hear the Commonwealth’s Governor stand up for our transgender neighbors and push back against this dangerous attempt to bring discrimination back to Massachusetts. With support from safety advocates, law enforcement,  business, faith voices, and others, we will ensure that #TransLawMA stays law, and that in 2018, Massachusetts becomes the first state in the country to reject an anti-transgender ballot measure.

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