In 2018, Massachusetts will vote for fairness. A broad coalition is joining together to defeat a dangerous initiative on the statewide ballot in Massachusetts in November 2018 that would repeal our state's non-discrimination law ensuring fair and equal treatment for our transgender neighbors, family and friends. Faith leaders, public safety officials, major employers, top educational institutions, key labor unions and more are standing together to affirm: Discrimination has no place in Massachusetts!
Pledge to Protect Full Transgender Equality in Massachusetts I stand with the majority of Bay Staters who support explicitly protecting transgender people from discrimination in public spaces like restaurants, hotels and hospitals. Discrimination has no place in Massachusetts and I commit to ensuring transgender people are treated fairly and equally under the laws of our Commonwealth.
In 2016, Massachusetts passed non-discrimination protections for our transgender friends, family and neighbors in public spaces—any place we are when not at home, work or school. This includes, but is not limited to: The people of Massachusetts support equal protections under the law for our transgender neighbors, family and friends.
When it comes to transgender equality, the truth is more boring than fiction. Massachusetts fully protects transgender people, and the sky hasn't fallen.
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Massachusetts is for everyone. Our economy depends on it. That's why leading businesses across Massachusetts strongly support Massachusetts law ensuring explicit protections for transgender people in public spaces.

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Voices of Massachusetts
“Colby has as much right to exist in public spaces as his cisgender brother.” Kitty Flynn & Her Son, Colby • Melrose
“I want him to be ensured the same legal protections that everyone else in our family has.” Beryl Domingo & Her Son, Micah • Bridgewater
“I struggle every day with will he be safe in the world, will he be protected?” Lauren Leahy & Her Son, Alex • Sherborn

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