Under Massachusetts law, there are no explicit protections ensuring that transgender people cannot be turned away from a hotel or denied service at a restaurant—simply because of who they are. That's not who we are. But we can fix this by passing a commonsense bill that protects our transgender friends and neighbors from unwarranted discrimination.
Discrimination is Bad for Business! That's why leading businesses across Massachusetts are standing up to protect transgender Bay Staters from unwarranted discrimination.
Pledge to Protect Transgender Bay Staters from Discrimination! I stand with the majority of Bay Staters who believe it's time to update Massachusetts' public accommodation law to prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender identity. No one should experience discrimination in the state they call home.
Public accommodations are any place we are when not at home, work or school. This includes, but is not limited to: It's time for Massachusetts law to expressly protect transgender people from discrimination in public spaces.
When it comes to transgender equality, the truth is more boring than fiction. Massachusetts can end discrimination, and the sky won’t fall.
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Urge Massachusetts lawmakers to support legislation fully protecting transgender Bay Staters from discrimination.
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